Vission and Mission


Our mission is to serve our region, the state, and the nation through our innovative education programs in engineering. Our programs are designed to give our students the competitive edge they need to secure best job opportunities nationally and internationally; and to build their careers with a lifelong passion for development, growth, success, and optimal use of their potentials. Rather than waiting to provide the knowledge base in renewable energy in the future, it is our goal to establish the framework for generating engineers who will be committed to developing the best sources of alternative energy systems and develop their own entrepreneurship endeavors in this field. It is our goal to educate our students with a keen awareness of the future engineering and energy needs of the world.


Our vision is to strengthen the opportunities for consistent self-actualization of our students so that they remain highly motivated to succeed. Our students are given awareness training in initiatives centered on the protection of environment, to develop renewable energy sources and to be able to generate growth in the renewable energy systems. Our beautiful campus situated near the culmination point of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, evokes a keen sense of respect for the environment and service to all sentient beings. The guidelines for learning at Stella Mary's College of Engineering are purposefully designed to develop a personal paradigm that is devoted to the mastery of needed life skills for success, service, and life-long learning and respect for the planet.


Our curriculum is designed around project based learning, with the notion of creating excellence in the scientific competencies of our students and promote the research and the career advancement of our students and our faculty through national and international partnership. The key branches of engineering such as civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication, computer science, and information technology are complemented with special focus on sustainable and alternative sources of energy development, storage, distribution and developing entrepreneurship in the renewable energy industry. Our secondary aim is to reduce the manpower shortage and technical know how in the wind-solar, geothermal hybrid industry and to help our students obtain professionally rewarding careers in building the capacity for renewable energy and innovative entrepreneurship in the engineering sector. Our teaching infrastructure is developed with a keen awareness of energy sector with our fundamental goals anchored in contributing to the strides taken by the various constituents, including the Indian government, in leading our nation in renewable energy by the year 2025. Toward this goal, we are in the process of establishing wind and energy systems with 25kw capacity and by the end of 2017 establish 50kw capacity system to meet the energy needs of our campus.